Dry Carbon F30 Bundle

Dry Carbon F30 Bundle

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Our Dry Carbon option uses resin-impregnated (pre-preg) fibers which are molded and cured under pressure in an autoclave. This is the same manufacturing process used by BMW, Lamborghini, etc. Although more expensive, it provides a near perfect finish and eliminates any excess weight. For the carbon fiber purest or those who want simply the best, this option is for you. 

This bundle incorporates all of our Dry Carbon parts for BMW 2012-2018 3 series F30 into one, easy to order package. Save $110 instantly, as well as get a refund for any shipping overages. Since we can pack all the pieces together, you will save money on shipping too. 

Non-Bundle Price: $859.96

Includes the following products in Dry Carbon:
///M Style Exhaust Tips
Antenna Cover
///M Performance Trunk Lip
///M Style Mirror Covers